Studio Classes

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During Covid19, please check your Enews for the timetable of our Live Classes.


The studio classes offer our members a wide choice of genre of class including, holistic, relaxation, exercise or strength and conditioning . Our personable and enthusiastic instructors ensure each class is enjoyable yet focused on the fitness goals. Whether members wish to sharpen those dance moves and burn the calories with Zumba, improve cardio vascular fitness with a tough Spin session or strengthen the core in Pilates we have a plethora of classes available to meet all needs and tastes.

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Myride®+ Studio

During Covid19, please check your Enews for the timetable of our Live Classes.

Tour the World with Myride®+ at your Club in the Myride®+ Studio in association with H.R. Owen Maserati. Imagine cycling some jaw dropping sceneries from terrain in the canyons to urban streetscapes. Not only this they’ll also be
classes with a Myride®+ instructor to take you on a ride like never before, synced with pulse-pounding music. You’ll be able to follow your instructor across the world’s most breath taking and challenging roads, forests, mountains and even volcanoes. It’s “Die Hard” action, but YOU create the action – and burn hundreds of calories in the process. There will be a variety of class type and duration available and with around 10 a day there’ll be a class for everyone.

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Take indoor cycling to the next level


Myride®+ offers all the cardiovascular and conditioning
results you’d expect from a top-notch, indoor cycling program:
a stronger and healthier heart, improved blood flow and oxygen transport, leg and core strength, body tone, a faster metabolism and increased energy. But what’s unique about Myride®+ are the enhanced sensation of forward motion and speed, the experience of riding a real bike, the eye-catching videography of stunning world locations, the involvement of your senses that takes you far beyond
guided imagery. With these visual enhancements, you’ll work harder as you actually sense the road or trail moving under and past you.