A reminder of the St George’s Tennis Court Etiquette

Would Members kindly note the following tennis court etiquette rules:
  • To avoid disturbing players, please talk quietly when standing near to the courts.
  • Please do not walk behind a court whilst a rally is in progress. Wait until the point has ended.
  • When entering the court, please wait until the point is over before opening the gate.
  • If you need to cross a court that is in use, please wait until the end of a point and cross quickly.
  • When sending balls back to a neighbouring court, roll them onto the back of the court. Never send them back while play is in progress.
The Club has a “predominantly white” dress code. Each item of clothing, including outer wear, shoes, socks & caps must be 90% white.Please remember to wear recognised tennis shoes with suitable soles for the surface you are using, and, in particular on the indoor courts, that they are clean and have non-marking soles.
Advice on footwear can be obtained from Danny in the club shop.
Thank you for your co-operation.
Tennis Committee