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St George’s Hill Lawn Tennis Club, despite its name, is not simply a tennis club and the success of the Club is as much due to our health and fitness members and staff as it is to those who are involved in racquet sports.

The gym at St George’s Hill provides a state of the art facility where members are able to train for their various sports and fitness needs. For new and regular members, our fully qualified professional fitness staff are on hand to offer advice on the use of our latest gym equipment and support in creating a programme that will enhance individual fitness goals.

Members are able to choose from our Technogym equipment including treadmills, upright bikes, recumbent bikes, top XT, Cross trainers and stepper machines as well as an extensive weights section and our functional cable machines. You will find ample space in our stretch and core-work area overlooking the entire gym.

Virtual Tour of our gym

Virtual Tour of our gym


My programme

To support new and returning members to the gym we offer a three stage welcome package to help kick start the training programme. The first step is a friendly welcome to take members through the operation of equipment in the gym and to register a personal TGS Wellness key that will enable both the member and staff to monitor progress against set goals.

Our fitness professionals will then conduct a full fitness assessment and, as part of the second step, create a bespoke programme that will be loaded onto each member’s personal TGS Wellness key.

The third step, to help members kick start their training is a complimentary one to one personal training session. This individual attention will offer members the opportunity to understand each new exercise and optimise how and when they train.


Personal Training

For members who would like to maximise their fitness programme and ensure results are achieved in quicker time, personal training is the answer. Our professional staff will spend time discussing fitness aspirations with clients and formulating a bespoke programme to achieve them as quickly and effectively as possible.

The personal trainer will guide members through each individual exercise to ensure they are performed at the optimum level and safely for the body. Our staff specialise in strength and conditioning work, weight loss or simply shaping up to be fit for sport as well as nutritional and dietary advice.


TGS Wellness Key

Our state of the art gym facility uses the latest Technogym TGS key system offering all members the opportunity to accurately plan and monitor their fitness programme.  Members log each workout with a WS Technogym key used to store workout data and wirelessly connect to each piece of Technogym equipment. To complete a workout members simply ‘plug in’ to the Wellness expert interactive kiosk with a user-friendly touch screen. This in turn allows our team of professionals to best support, track and guide individuals in achieving fitness goals.

The latest Technogym equipment includes features such as Visio web allowing members to browse the web, update Facebook and Twitter accounts and access the contents of iPods, iPhones or other multimedia USB devices, all whilst training. This Technogym equipment also gives our members access to Sky TV and freeview, as well as information on the exercises you are doing or the latest news from the Club.



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